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We are always looking to add more to AgencyAnalytics. Whether it's an idea we hear about from our customers or simply just a feature we are missing, we will strive to get it added.

Here are a few things we have planned for the future.

2018 - Quarter 3

  • Rankings Upgrade

    Major update and overhaul of our SERP tracking module.

  • Site Auditor Upgrade

    New functionality and improved accuracy.

2018 - Quarter 4

  • Improved Competitor Area

    An expanded view to compare a single competitor using additional statistics.

  • Task Upgrade

    A new look and functionality for our tasks section.

  • Alerts

    Create alerts to notify you of important KPI changes.

  • White Label Update

    Additional white label customization options.

  • Activity Logs

    Log actions that occur in the interface to track progress and client/staff usage.

* This list is subject to change without notice